NPO Media Podcast Episode 3

The 3rd installment of the NPO Media Podcast features a conversation from Norway via skype with author and teacher, Robert Crane. He describes his personal and professional life, sharing his experience of living with bipolar disorder while offering insights on what has helped him on his path to recovery.

Share Your Story

NPO Media Podcast is looking for individuals to record for upcoming episodes of the podcast. We record audio both on location in Staten Island and via Skype. You can review the final edit before the episode is published. Whether you use your real name or a pseudonym is up to you.

The important part is that your story, your struggles, hopes and accomplishments will help inspire others. Showcasing creativity and resilience provides hope, reduces stigma and lets others know that there is so much more to a person than just a diagnosis.

Please email or call 718-521-4618 and leave a brief message with how you can be contacted.

Thank you.

NPO Media Podcast Episode 2

NPO Media Podcast episode 2 features Kenneth Cybulska, NAMI peer facilitator and Honoree for the 26th Annual NAMI NYC Staten Island Awards Celebration. Ken details how he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and had to learn the skills needed to cope with his illness.


Welcome to the blog for the coming NPO Media podcast. Below is original music made for the podcast introduction.

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